Ống mềm PVC trong

Ống mềm PVC trong


1. FLEX™ GP70

General Purpose PVC Tubing - Clear


• Clear and flexible

• Complies with FDA CFR 21 for food packaging

• Resists aging

• Resistant to a broad range of chemicals

• Excellent wearability

• Smooth inner wall, excellent flow characteristics

• Easy to connect

• Alternative to ClearFLEX for applications that do not require regulatory compliance

• Lightweight, yet tough and abrasion-resistant Recommended Applications:

• General purpose chemical transfer and other applications not subject to regulatory requirements

• Suitable for use with foods and beverages

• Handles broad range of chemicals, gases and liquids




PVC Tubing - Black


• More resistant to UV than clear tubing

• Does not promote algae growth Recommended Applications:

• Outdoor applications

• Light-sensitive media

• Color coding of processing lines

• Secondary containment of other lines



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